Cancer Memes

Cancer Memes


“Cancer” is an online slang term wont to describe the perceived or actual misuse of internet memes by someone who is unacquainted internet culture. This metaphor draws a parallel between the expansion cycle of an online meme or viral video which of cancer during a biological system.


Cancer is an old English word, seldom also spelled canceradlm, once wont to explain spreading sore. it had been originated from the Latin word “cancer” and accordingly, the Greek word Larkin’s, meaning “crab” and “tumor” respectively, additionally to being the name of a constellation found between Gemini and Leo. Both the Greek and Latin terms are derived from the Proto-Indo European root *qarq-, meaning “to be hard.

Cancer and Comedy – The “C” Words:

“Of course serious illness is serious! Why else would they call it ‘serious?’ that’s all the more reason to avail yourself of each advantage–including laughter.”

Cancer Memes
Cancer Memes

Finding out you or a beloved has cancer is serious. There’s nothing funny about enduring chemotherapy, losing hair, browsing surgery or the likelihood of recurrence. for several folks who have experienced a diagnosis, it is often the foremost devastating and heartbreaking thing to ever happen.

In my humor and healing plans, I do a practice with red clown noses. Everyone within the audience gets a sealed packet with one inside. With their eyes closed, I ask them to consider some difficulty they’re having then, still with their eyes closed, to open the packet and put the clown nose on. Then I ask the audience to open their eyes and appearance round the room.

I was a touch reluctant to try to do this activity, however, once I addressed the annual meeting of the National Coalition of Cancer Survivorship. I knew that a variety of individuals within the group had facial cancer. Some had only a partial nose, some none in the least.

I checked with the meeting planner to form sure that the clown-nose-process was appropriate. She assured me that even those with facial disfigurement would like it. Still, I used to be uncomfortable about doing it. My fears were quickly alleviated, however, when the group not only responded with overwhelming laughter but also delighted in sharing stories with me about their prosthetic noses.

Cancer Memes
Cancer Memes

One woman joyfully showed me a Polaroid photo taken in her bedroom minutes before my speech. She told me that she was preparing to attend my talk and proceeded to place adhesive glue on her prosthetic nose. Then she waited for it to dry. When it came time to connect the nose, however, it had been gone. She couldn’t find it.

At that moment a lover knocked on the door. So she asked her friend to assist locate it. The nose was finally found and an image was taken. It showed the nose stuck to her rear-end.

She delighted me in telling me the story and in explaining the photo. But she was even more elated with her new clown nose. She said, “This is great. From now on, I even have a choice of which nose to wear.”

“Cancer, schmancy–as long as your health.”

Jewish saying

Surrounding cancer patients who face life-challenging issues with solemnity doesn’t add up. It neither helps their current condition nor their recovery. what’s needed are some things which will aid them in forgetting about cancer. they have something to require their mind off of their illness instantly. That something is that the other “C” word–comedy.

Sometimes it takes an honest laugh to urge through a difficult situation like cancer. By finding humor during even the darkest of times, we will make whatever life throws at us a touch easier to handle.